Jeff Bertino and Mike Subblefield

Jeff and Mike have for some time been among the leading forces in the Poway Folk Circle. Their music comes out of a country and folk tradition that goes back to 1930s’ groups like the Delmore Brothers, Blue Sky Boys, and on through the Louvins, the Everly Brothers, and even a contemporary mix thrown in. The songs range from Darby and Tarlton’s “Columbia Stockade Blues,” the Carter Family’s “My Texas Girl,” and into the ‘40s with Merle Travis’ “I Am a Pilgrim” and bluesman Jesse Fuller’s “The Monkey and the Engineer.” There’s Woody Guthrie’s version of “Danville Girl” and the old traditional “More Pretty Girls than One” and more, including modern Bob Dylan, Paul Clayton, John Starling, and Ken Graydon songs that Jeff and Mike give an old timey sound to.